About Social Siren Marketing

"You can have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, what good is it?"

-Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, Inc.

We Know Small Businesses

We empower small businesses to grow and thrive through the power of digital, or online, marketing. Our team of experts are passionate and skilled at helping our clients:

  • Set business and marketing goals
  • Design plans to achieve those goals
  • Research audience behavior
  • Track metrics and make adjustments based on data
  • Create awesome content for social media accounts
  • Build and optimize effective, professional websites
  • Reach their target audience through various channels
  • Boost traffic – both online and in real life
  • Increase sales

Essentially, we help our clients understand the need for a great marketing plan, help them create their plan, and teach them how to execute it.

We understand the needs of our small business clients because we are a small business based in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. Our hard-working yet fun-loving team is like a really good Brandy Old Fashioned, strong yet warm.

Ready to get to work?

How we can help you:

Establishing an effective digital presence takes time, lots of time. For example, to put up a thoughtful social post, you need to:

  • Come up with an idea.
  • Find an image or graphic.
  • Write engaging post copy.
  • Ensure the post aligns with your social strategy.
  • Search for trending hashtags.
  • Decide on optimal posting times.
  • Schedule the post.
  • Engage with comments and questions.
  • Repeat.

And this is just for one post! If you look at what it takes to put together a comprehensive campaign – reviewing analytics, performing market research, targeting ads, and developing a content plan – wow. It’s a lot. It’s probably more than most small business owners have time for. 

Fortunately, what you may find overwhelming, we get pretty excited about! We’ll work one-on-one with you to create a digital marketing plan that best suits your needs. 

Ready to get to work?

Meet the Team

Jess web photo


The Boss Lady
Jess is our Lighthouse, keeping our focus on the most innovative, creative ways to lead our clients to digital marketing success. She’s also the Founder and Owner of Social Siren Marketing. So kind of both our Lighthouse and Powerhouse.
Karla web photo


The Storyteller
Karla is our writing ventriloquist, creating text to match the unique voices of our clients. When she's not writing, she's telling stories around campfires...that she later writes down. She doesn't stop.
Tracey web photo


The Puppeteer
You’ll find Tracey behind the scenes, pulling all the strings that make the business run smoothly. Behind the scenes is where she likes to be, and we’re pretty sure she is secretly a hermit.


The Google Guy
Neil, of Roberts Marketing Alliance llc. a Google Partner who maximizes the power of the world’s #1 Search Engine for businesses both large and small. Being overly fond of terms like, “CTR” & “algorithm” makes small talk a challenge but… it works!


Our Clients!
And of course, the most important team member in any effective marketing strategy is YOU! Ready to join the team?

Our Network of Experts

Social Siren Marketing is part of a local network of marketing experts dedicated to the growth and the development of our community businesses.  Our Network is a group of like minded businesses, each with individual skills, who have come together to provide the best possible marketing services to Northwoods businesses. 

When you work with the Social Siren, you can be assured you have a passionate team of experts standing behind you and your business. Taking on Social Siren as your marketing ally means combining our social/digital media management & advertising experience with your business strategy to maximize your online presence and therefore your ROI. It's that simple. 

Your Strategic Plan + Our Experience and Network = Better Business For You!