Content Creation Tools Everyone Can Use with Jen Liddy

Posted on June 21, 2022

Struggling with your business’ content creation? Whether you’re a Waterfall Creator (too much to say) or an Empty-Weller (nothing to say), our guest, Jen Liddy, has great ideas and inspiration that will end your Blinking Cursor Syndrome.

Empty-wellers think they have nothing to say. Where can they get ideas? Easier than you may think!
For those Waterfall Creators who procrastinate because they don’t have a 5-hour block of time to say all the things? You don’t need to overwhelm yourself or your audience.



Listen to Jen’s journey from the world of Academics, to running a fitness studio, to her decision to help other women start businesses and not have to hit all the walls that she did. As Jen worked with more and more women business owners, she realized her own specialty was content creation. In today’s episode, Jen shares her experience and knowledge so that you can escape content creation paralysis!


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