5 Ways to Improve your Online Presence

Posted on March 4, 2022

How your business shows up online is so powerful. It’s 2022 and for some time, people who want information on a business don’t call it, they look it up online. What they see there is the first impression potential clients and customers will have of your company. It’s there representing your business 24/7. Is it doing its best? Jess has 5 quick ways to improve your online presence you won’t want to miss!

The first thing you need to do is make sure your online information is loud, clear, and consistent. Your business name, hours, and location show up everywhere online. Make sure it’s always updated. Check Google My Business, your social media platforms, and your website on a regular basis. Are you extending business hours during the holidays? Did you change which days your store is closed? No one wants to frustrate clients with unanswered phones and locked doors. As soon as you make a decision to switch business hours – or if your business changes locations – the next step should be updating your online information to reflect it.

Do you think you should only post on your social media platforms when you have something to sell? Please don’t do that.

Be sure to listen in for not only all of Jess’ tips, but for the reasoning behind them. Your first step towards having a stronger online presence can start as soon as you begin listening in!


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