Lessons from a Podcast Newbie

Posted on March 8, 2022

New to podcasting? Thinking of podcasting? Social Siren Marketing owner, Jessica Riedy, is relatively new to the medium, too! Her learning curve was steeper than she’d expected. In this episode, she talks about 7 things she’s learned that can make your learning curve smoother.

Jessica had been thinking about podcasting for about 18 months. What was holding her back? Fears, misconceptions, and assumptions about podcasting. What made her take the leap to host a podcast? Surprisingly: burnout.

Jessica’ business is to teach rural and new business owners social media strategy, marketing, and overall business and growth coaching. But the number of clients she can take on is limited. She disliked not being able to share her expertise with others because her client roster was maxed out. It didn’t seem fair.

So, the podcast began! Jessica found a new way to share her knowledge in a scalable way. And she learned a number of things on her journey. For one thing, you have to get completely comfortable with who you are and sharing your authentic self. Ironically for broadcasting, it’s important to find your voice, your genuine voice, on multiple levels.

There’s a lot to learn but go easy on yourself. You’ll make mistakes along the way and that’s okay. Jessica shares what it was like for her as a complete newbie to podcasting.

Check out the top 7 things she learned along the way that will make your path easier.


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