Accommodating ADHD

Posted on March 15, 2022

Every small business owner faces challenges, but the toughest one marketing entrepreneur Jessica Riedy faced was her own struggle with focus. When she became her own boss, Jess found she didn’t feel like she had control over her productivity. That needed to change. After she was officially diagnosed with ADHD, she developed successful tools that keep her on track. In today’s podcast, she shares them with you…helpful suggestions for anyone wanting to increase their focus and productivity! And, really, in today’s world, almost everybody could use some effective suggestions in those areas.


Productivity and focus weren’t issues for Jessica Riedy when she worked a 9-5 job. But once she started her own business, she found herself battling herself to be focused and organized. Jessica developed tools that made a huge difference in her work days and today’s podcast covers her Top 10 Tools for Focus and Productivity.

Think multitasking means working smarter? Not necessarily. You probably have plenty of to-do lists, but how about a Victory List? Those can be even more important! Need some accountability for how you’re spending your time? How about finding a focus partner in a different country? On busy days, do you know what’s going on with your body? Really, you need to care about that. Jessica gives the whys and hows of each suggestion.

Listen in to hear about Jessica’s favorite 10 tools you can use right away! They’ve worked for her and they can work for you, too!


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