Goals That Matter

Goals that Matter: How to create goals that will propel you forward in 2023

There’s no question that setting goals is important for any business. But what goals should you be setting? What will help you achieve the kind of growth and productivity you’re looking for?

In this article, I’ll share some strategies for creating goals that matter – goals that will propel your business forward. I’ll also share some examples of goals that can make a difference for small businesses, and some tips on how to set yourself up to actually meet these goals. So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, read on!


Get Back to the Basics: How do you define ‘success’?

Success isn’t just about bringing in the biggest profits or having the most well-known brand name. Every enterprise is unique, which means success can look vastly different from company to company. To really get back to the basics, take a deep look into what you consider successful. Think not only about your income or client count but also about your broader goals. Do you want to create a culture of innovation? Do you want to become an industry leader or thought-leader? Do you want to be spending more time outside of the office? Identifying what success looks like for your business is the first step in creating relevant goals.


Create Action Steps and Milestones for each of your goals

Setting and achieving goals isn’t easy; it’s a journey of trial and error. One of the best ways to stay focused is to create action steps that apply to each milestone along the way. Milestones are your smaller, broken down goal sections and dates you will achieve them by. Action Steps are the actions you will take to get there. Let’s take a look at an example.

Goal: I want to increase my annual revenue for my product based ecommerce business by 20% in 2023.

Milestone 1: 15 new customers by June

Action Steps: (How will you get there?)

More new people to my e-commerce site:

  • Run targeted ads on social media
  • Post to social media 3 times per week
  • Sign on 3 new influencers to increase brand awareness
  • Include a link to the site on all outgoing emails

Milestone 2: Increase the number of first time customers that are returning for a second purchase

Action Steps:

  • Send coupon for next purchase in all packages
  • Start email marketing (1 time per week) to all past customers
  • Create branded packaging for better customer experience
  • Add a Thank You note to packages to show customers how much their purchase matters.

You get the idea!

Without actionable milestones, it is easy to spin in circles, get overwhelmed by your task list, or move aimlessly from one thing to the next. By identifying realistic steps and achievable milestones, you know you are working towards your goal with purpose and intention. Plus, on those days when the journey feels long and difficult, seeing how close you are to a milestone can be just the motivation you need to keep going.


Write down your goals and post them in a visible place so you can see them every day

Write. Them. Down. I can’t stress the importance of this one enough.

Writing down your goals is a great way to stay motivated to achieve them. It’s easy to become disheartened when the going gets tough, but knowing exactly what you’re aiming for can help you push through and reach success. Taking it one step further and actually posting those goals in a visible space like on your wall or fridge can help keep them front of mind and make sure you never forget what you’re striving towards. Seeing your goals every day gives your subconscious something to aim for between other activities and tasks, making progress towards them more workable than ever before. Take that leap today and post up some reminders of why you’re here!


Get Accountable!

Join an accountability group, set check in dates, mark your calendar- whatever strategy works for you.

It’s important to hold yourself accountable by regularly reviewing the progress made towards each goal. Whether those goals are personal or professional ones, dedicating some time to check in can help you take a step back and evaluate if your current plan is working towards achieving each goal. Analyze how close you are to achieving the set outcome and adjust whatever needs adjusting – be it more work or a shift in perspective. This includes taking into consideration external factors that may having an impact on your progress and being able to create alternate plans whenever necessary. Doing this type of self-assessment will push you closer towards success, allowing you to enjoy greater satisfaction from achieving milestone after milestone.


Celebrate each accomplishment along the way – reaching small milestones will keep you motivated!

Reaching milestones, no matter how small, is an incredibly powerful way to stay focused and motivated. Every accomplishment, whether it’s learning a new skill or completing an online course, is cause for celebration! Taking the time to recognize and properly acknowledge the hard work you have put in will help keep you on the right track towards achieving your goals. Celebrating helps to remind us that progress doesn’t always happen in big leaps — even incremental changes can be rewarding and inspiring. Setting goals and celebrating our steps towards them reinforces the notion that we should never underestimate our own capabilities; taking joy in the path of life can open new doors of discovery!

There you have it, my friends! By setting realistic goals, writing them down, staying accountable, and celebrating each milestone along the way, you are one step closer to achieving your dreams. No matter how big or small a goal may seem, taking the time to identify milestones and pushing yourself to make progress towards those end-goals will pay off in the long run. By staying focused and motivated, you will have the tools and confidence to achieve success. Good luck!

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