How Do You Build an Email List From Nothing?

Posted on October 19, 2022

Do you want to start an email campaign but feel overwhelmed about how to begin? You’ll want to listen to today’s podcast with Joanne Homestead.

Joanne’s an email copywriter who is passionate about quality copywriting and email strategies. She was an elementary teacher for 15 years and those teaching skills serve her today while working with clients. During the pandemic, she decided to leave her position as an elementary teacher and became a virtual assistant. Joanne realized many clients were overwhelmed and too scattered to even recognize exactly where they needed help. Breaking things down into steps makes everything much easier.
She’s here today to offer some great tips on how to begin an email campaign one digestible step at a time. How do you build an email list from nothing? It takes work. It will not grow overnight and don’t believe people who promise that. There are no shoulds, have to’s, or musts. If a strategy doesn’t feel comfortable to you, don’t do it.

I love her insights: Know that email lists are connections to actual people who signed up because they want to learn from you. They’re individuals with hopes and dreams. Don’t get detached from them when they’ve expressed a desire for a connection by signing up for your email.
Joanne talks about some great strategies, but they start with identifying your purpose or goal. Why do you even want an email list? To generate leads? To increase visibility? Knowing your Why is your first step. Listen in to learn what’s next!

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