5 Ways to Step Up Your Branding and Product Photography

If you’re not paying attention to your branding and product photography, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to improve your business.

How many times have you chosen one restaurant over another because the food LOOKED good in the photos? Or went out of your way to visit an antique store that LOOKED cute from the description and pictures?  

The idea that “what you see is what you get” is alive and well. 

Said another way, what potential customers see is what they expect to get from your business.  Good visuals are essential in today’s market, so putting in some effort into your branding and product photography will pay you back in spades. 

To kick up your marketing a notch or two, here are five elements of branding and product imagery to consider for your next campaign:

1. Pay attention to the overall aesthetic of your brand.

Your branding should be cohesive and consistent, and that means paying attention to the overall look and feel of your visuals. There should be a recognizable style to your photos, and all of your visual elements should work together to create a cohesive brand identity.

2. Make sure your photos are high quality.

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s important to make sure your photos are well-lit and in focus. Poorly lit or blurry photos will reflect poorly on your business, so take the time to get it right. Hire a professional photographer if necessary; it will be worth it in the long run.

3. Use real people in your photos.

Using real people in your photos helps potential customers connect with your brand on a personal level. When people see other people using or enjoying your products, they’ll be more likely to want to try them themselves.

Authenticity is key when it comes to marketing, and there’s no better way to show potential customers that your product is the real deal than by featuring it being used by real people. This could mean anything from shots of your team hard at work or using your product in their everyday lives, to user-generated content (UGC) featuring your product in action.

4. Keep things clean and simple.

With product photography especially, less is sometimes more. A clean, uncluttered photo will showcase your product in the best possible light and make it easy for potential customers to see what you’re selling. Avoid props or background elements that could distract from the main subject of the photo.

5. Be strategic about when and where you use color.

Color is a powerful tool that can be used to great effect in branding and product photography. Use color strategically to create emotions or convey specific messages about your brand identity. For example, yellow is often used to convey happiness or energy, while blue is associated with trustworthiness or calmness.


Images tell a story – make sure it’s the story you want

Your brand and product imagery will certainly make your viewers feel something, and we want their feelings to favor your business. This is why it’s important to have great imagery that evokes emotion and tells a story. People make decisions based on how they feel, so you want them to see a solution to their problem in your images.

Consider your intended audience when coming up with your branding and product imagery. Your images should speak to the pain points, interests, and expectations of your target market.

For example, if you’re a florist targeting people who want to send flowers to their significant other, your imagery should be romantic and evoke feelings of love.

If you want to target businesses who need event planners, your imagery should be about professionalism, luxury, and efficiency.

Brand imagery includes all the photos and images that are associated with your business, from print to online, billboards to brochures. When you look at your images as a whole, what are your images telling people?

Think about what you want your overall message to be and what kind of feeling you want to evoke in your audience. Do your images reflect that? If not, it might be time for a change.

“Image is everything,” right? In the case of marketing, the images you choose are a HUGE part of every successful marketing campaign. By setting the tone from the very first glance, more of your people will find you and support your business. Got questions? Need help? Email jess@socialsirenmarketing.com – I love to hear from you!

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