Recovering from Burnout with Elizabeth Collins

Most business owners experience burnout at some point. It’s the nature of the job. Entrepreneur Elizabeth Collins and I talk about not only what causes burnout and how it can manifest itself, but also how to recover from it. And isn’t that the information you most need to help both you and your business thrive again?



Elizabeth Collins grew up with significant childhood trauma and developed a perfectionist personality. She was a classic over-achiever and realized that her coping mechanism was useful…until it wasn’t.

By the time Elizabeth was in college, she experienced her first burnout and didn’t understand it. It was an experience that wasn’t acknowledged or discussed at the time. Eventually she started her own acupuncture practice. Later she realized her burnout was causing physical, mental, and emotional issues. Have you been experiencing frustration or resentment? Have your sleep patterns become disturbed or are you having digestion issues? It could be how burnout is manifesting itself in you. It’s such a common struggle for business owners! I’ve dealt with it multiple times myself.

But what can you do about it to recover? Elizabeth offers treatment programs for clients and shares some great advice in our podcast. She recommends you begin with a visit to your doctor for an exam and blood tests. Then what? Listen in for some wise suggestions that truly work, like how to set boundaries and create an environment you love.



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