What Happens When You Try Something New

Hey there, Small Business Owner!

When’s the last time you tried something new in your business?

  • Added a service
    Updated your space
    Launched a new product line
    Designed a fresh logo
    Adopted a new technology
    Did something that terrified you because you had no idea what might happen but you knew you had to do it…

Phew, that last one. How did it go?

(Asking for a friend.)

(Ok, it’s me, I’m asking for me because I’m in this stage right now.)

This year I’ve planned several major business moves, and it’s completely terrifying.

For example, I recently designed a brand new Business Marketing Planner that I just know will be a game changer for small business owners. It’s exactly what I had been looking for for years but couldn’t find on the market…so I designed it myself.

Don’t get me wrong, the process was exhausting –

Drafting, designing, getting feedback, editing, redesigning, writing support materials, finding a printer and distributor, approving proofs, hoping with every fiber of my being that I didn’t make a mistake…

Until finally, after all the stress and headaches and “hurry up and waits,” 500 planners are on their way!

This was a huge investment of time and money, and now I need to sell these beauts.

[Panic ensues.]

  • But what if there’s a typo or a page is missing?
  • What if people don’t like their planner?
  • What if I sell them and literally everyone hates it and they all request refunds?

That inner Doubt Monster, though! She’s fierce.

So how about we flip the script and instead of asking, “What if this new thing is a failure?”

We ask ourselves, “What will happen if it’s awesome?”

Let me tell ya, what can happen is your business can take a leap instead of a step forward…

And your customers won’t just return, they’ll bring their mom and brother and friends…

And your clients won’t just say thanks, they’ll share stories of how you positively impacted their lives.

Could an experiment go wrong?


And trust me, I have thought many times about what I’d do if these planners flop and I’m left with 499 planners in storage (because my mom bought one).

But the odds of this happening are low, and I know this because I’m committed to serving my audience in new ways.

Also, you can’t ever really fail, you can only learn, adjust, and try again.

So take a look at the list above, and choose something you can try THIS WEEK to enhance your business or improve your customer experience.

Need a little more inspiration? Watch this 13-minute Tedx video from Lucie Fink about the life-changing surprises that can happen when you try something new.

And finally, do me a favor, leave a note in the comments about something you’ve tried recently and how it went! My team and I LOVE to hear about your wins and your “whoopsies”.

To your success,


PS: But wait! Did I hear you say, “How can I get my hands on that beautiful experiment of a Business and Marketing Planner?” Pre-order NOW


Jess Riedy is founder and CEO of Social Siren Marketing. She is a marketing strategist, educator and coach who empowers small business owners to achieve their marketing and business goals. Jess loves coffee and bulleted lists almost as much as she loves her husband, two children and very energetic pup. Contact her at Jess@socialsirenmarketing.com.

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