Why Your Landing Page Isn’t Converting (+ How to Fix it)

Posted on May 4, 2022

Like me, my special guest Liz Boer knows many amazing small business owners with fantastic products who struggle to get them in the hands of customers. Does that sound familiar? The problem could simply be that your Landing Page – or Sales Page – isn’t converting. What does that mean and how do you fix it? Listen in.

My guest today is Liz Boer, a Sales Coach and owner of E&B Media Group, a service-based agency that helps online entrepreneurs, primarily female business owners, create sales funnels that can be used to help them have more impact and income.
Like many professionals in marketing, Liz initially worked for large corporations. When she moved to California with her husband for his job, she recognized some terrific small businesses were having a difficult time driving a larger audience to their online businesses. She became passionate about helping them by scaling down million-dollar strategies used by corporations to ways that could affordably be used by small businesses. Liz’s goal is to show entrepreneurs how to grow and sustain their small companies, a passion I share. I’ve seen amazing drive and commitment in small business owners, but none of it matters if you don’t know how to effectively get the word out.

And that’s what today’s podcast is all about: Getting people to your Landing Page and following a call to action that leads to increased sales. We start with a look at market research and move to eliminating distractions on the page and much more…like conversion rates!


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