When It’s Hard to Promote Yourself

Posted on May 10, 2022

It’s a fact that in order for our businesses to be successful, we need to promote them. The issue is that for so many of us, being self-promotional feels sales-y and awkward.

My special guest today is Amy Stone, a certified Life Coach who specializes in helping adults in blended families go from chaos to calm. I love that her passion, stemming from her own experiences, led her to this niche specialty.
Amy didn’t initially feel comfortable with self-promotion or explaining her business to others. But she learned that in order to have a successful business, she had to embrace every opportunity to talk about herself and her work. Every time. It was an ever-present lesson.

For a while, Amy dreamed of a mythical place where, if she did everything right, people would just find her business and show up. Sound familiar? But Amy learned that had nothing to do with reality. She had to actually promote her business…and you do, too!

You can turn that self-doubt to self-confidence, even if you start with baby steps. Amy and I talk about the mindset and actions to take that will help you feel less uncomfortable and more self-assured as you move your business forward

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